Sandstone Pottery is a handmade Pottery Studio inspired by nature and slow living in rural Appalachia in the heart of the Red River Gorge, Kentucky.

Molly Marek ​​is the maker and owner behind Sandstone Pottery. Molly creates every piece from start to finish from clay manufactured in Southeastern Kentucky. Each piece is thrown on the pottery wheel and then carved by hand, creating a unique tactile experience. After each piece is kiln fired it is covered with vibrant glazes that are hand-mixed from raw materials and fired to over 2200F.

Molly loves to create unique ceramic pieces from egg trays to bourbon glasses and travel mugs. Molly's pottery is designed to be functional art that enriches your everyday life.

When Molly isn't in the studio you can find her rock climbing on the sandstone cliffs in the Red River Gorge or hiking with her two Dobermans Dave and Debbie.

Want to see more of Molly's work?

Check out my portfolio to see my ceramic installations and gallery pieces